Review:  Mo7s Unveils Fresh Sound On New Single

By Gerard Longo

 Husband and wife duo Dave and Amy Lewis, best known musically as Mo7s, have returned with a fresh sound sure to make you “Move.” 

“Move” is, of course, the title of the rock duo’s new single. Staying true to its name, the single features an uptempo, rock and roll dance groove to support Amy Lewis’ trademark soulful alto, which is complemented nicely by backing male harmonies that call Motown to mind. 

Meanwhile, Dave Lewis’ impeccable guitar work shines once again, particularly with a clean opening riff that immediately pops, as well as a grittier, bluesy solo that begins at the 1:40 mark.

VIDEO: Mo7s’ ‘State of Mind’ Offers Lonely Look at Love
By Gerard Longo

The pensive, searching guitar work and lonely, haunting melody of Mo7s’ “State of Mind” make a listener think deeply about the transience of interpersonal relationships, acknowledging the ease with which people fall out of love and move on to something new. 

The striking poignance of the tune, from the duo’s most recent release, “Gift Horse,” now has a perfect visual companion. 

The video, shot in standard definition with an overlaying vintage projector effect, was shot inside and around an old country house and features Amy Tomaszewski (vocals) and Dave Lewis (guitar) performing their duties in separate rooms. The two never appear together in the nearly four-minute video, perhaps to further capture the stark, isolated feeling of forgotten love. 

Lehigh Valley Underground -  Copper Fields and Mo7s at The Originals Music Series
By Gerard Longo

Whenever Copper Fields and Mo7s are involved, you know you’re in for a night of high quality performances. That was no different last night at The Originals Music Series, where each band played an hour and 20 minute set inside Chicago Restaurant’s Club Gravity. 

Copper Fields was up first, showcasing crisp harmonies and technical instrumental precision that filled the room with the band’s sweet Americana sound. Surely, we’re excited to hear more of that sound at the First Annual Lehigh Valley Underground Winter Jamboree on Feb. 10. 

Mo7s followed, and it really says something when just two musicians and their guitars can have such a commanding onstage presence. That is the case with Mo7s duo Dave Lewis and Amy Tomaszewski (who noted that they plan to get married this June). Amy’s soulful vocals — I’ve likened her to Stevie Nicks in the past for a reason — provide the perfect complement to Dave’s sharp guitar work, and the pair combines their talents to draw the listener in.

Y-102 WRFY - Y-102's Homebrewed top 11 Releases of 2014 

#7 Mo7s "Hate Mail From A Love Child" 

Y102's Homebrewed TOP 11 Releases of 2014 have been announced. We played over 200 artists since we started the show in March 2014. Listen to the show to hear the debates. Here's the top picks of the pile of eclectic great music from South Eastern PA artists... 

#11: La Overtoner - "Passed Decade Passed" 
#10: Dead Milkmen - "Pretty Music for Pretty People" 
#9 : The Stray Birds - "Best Medicine" 
#8 : Ataloft - "Ataloft" 
#7 : Mo7s - "Hate Mail from a Love Child" 
#6 : Ron Nolen - "Eleaven" 
#5 : Able Moving Hearts - "Up for Grabs" 
#4 : Black Crown Initiate - "The Wreckage of Stars" 
#3 : Crobot - "Something Supernatural" 
#2 : Hot Jam Factory - "Introducing Hot Jam Factory" 
#1 : Caroline Reese and The Drifting Fifth- "The Electric Year"