Meet Mo7s

For fans of: The Beatles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Pretenders  
Genres: Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Americana... and more!  
Location: Reading, PA


Mo7s is the duo of Berks County (PA) Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Dave and Amy Lewis. The songwriting pair's musical roots are steeped in the music of the '50's and '60's, with a sound culling from early rock & roll, rockabilly, and a touch of country and Americana, all performed with a decidedly modern twist. That being said, there isn't a musical style or genre where Mo7s won't dabble. As The Reading Eagle's Dave Kline once put it, "They are very chameleon-like, and I think that's partly to do with the amazing musical background of Dave Lewis." 

Lewis' straightforward rock & roll approach to the guitar is one of the driving forces of Mo7s. His seemingly effortless playing is infused with a raw, bluesy style that makes a strong musical statement. In tandem with that, Amy's heartfelt alto contains a distinctive, rich, smoky tone, adding another key component to the Mo7s sound. The powerful voice coming out of her petite frame routinely catches audiences pleasantly off-guard.

For Mo7s, "there's an undeniable musical chemistry that starts with their vocals” (Reading Eagle). The couple, who married in June of 2017, have worked together musically since 2012, making tight, seamless vocal harmonies an integral part of their sound.

Going beyond the studio, Mo7s has strengthened its reputation for solid live performances. Nashville-based online publication Underground Music Collective once said of Mo7s, "It really says something when just two musicians and their guitars can have such a commanding onstage presence." The duo frequently takes an intimate, Storytellers-type approach to live performance. This keeps audiences engaged, and helps the duo feed off of the crowd and tailor each show to the energy of the room.

Performing both as a guitar/vocal duo, and as a four-piece band with drums and bass, Mo7s are just as at home playing at a small brewhouse as they are on a festival stage. For the band, the future lies in continuing to write and record new material, supporting their catalog with live performances, and expanding their reach into new markets and venues.


Big Deal (2019)

The band's third release, Big Deal features an eclectic, genre-defying mix of rock, country, Motown, Latin, rockabilly, and jazz influences. It certainly can be said that this album is a testament to the duo's musical diversity and artistic growth. The 14-song album steps up production, has added instrumentation, and prominently features four-part harmonies.

There are many firsts for Mo7s on Big Deal. The band performs its first true duet on the steady-rocking "Marry Me," and features its first waltz with the closing track, "Everyone." Big Deal also marks the first time the band has incorporated upright bass and ukelele into the recording process.


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